Office 365 Migration Information

Please type in the total number of mailboxes including shared mailboxes you have. Please include any forwards such as sales@, or info@
Example: Bob Smith
Please fill in your website control panel login and password. If you are not comfortable putting it in this form, please email If you don't know, please type "I don't know" so I can call you and help figure it out.
If you currently have Office 365, such as moving from GoDaddy Office 365 to another vendor, we need the global admin credentials.
This is used to contact you during the migration while the account we are migrating is not usable.
It's important for us to know if you currently have a subscription to Office 365. This may be the 5 for $99 or another Office 365 for Business Plan
It's important for us to know if your office/home office has fast or slow internet speeds. This helps us gauge how long it will take to download and upload your email to the new servers.
Many small businesses so not use these features, I ask so we make sure to migrate this data over to the new server.
We need to know this so if there is an issue, it can be resolved with the local technician who supports your network and DNS servers.
By checking the box below, I understand that installing, configuring and repairing any and all Office products is not included in the migration costs. If any of the above does happen, the owner of the business or manager will be notified of additional charges and approval is required before work can continue.
Does your company need new Office software? If you are using Office 2010 or below, you will need new software.
While our migrations include many extras that other companies do not offer, We have some limitations on the project. Extra work might be billable. Here are some examples. I will let you know during our quote time as well. The following issues are not included in the migration quote. Extended Training, Special Contact Management, Setup of extra accounts (such as personal, Gmail, etc.) Special 3rd party apps, iCloud setup and configurations, SharePoint setup, installation, configuration, training, OneDrive setup, installation, configuration, training. Any other Office 365 products assistance. If you want these products added to the quote, please let us know.
While we has processes in place to backup all data with the migration, there may be data that you are aware of (another server, email provider,3rd party application, syncing programs, iCloud etc) that we are not aware of. It is your responsibility to let us know of this data prior to the migration or to check directly after all data has been migrated. Any data not moved to the server after the closing of the migration project is subject to extra billable time. The aftercare appointment will help you confirm your data has been migrated.
I agree that IT Professionals of Level Technologies Inc. is not responsible for data loss during any migration process. We do have processes in place to backup data prior to the migration, but cannot be responsible for technical issues outside of our control. Take note: Do not turn off your old email hosting until you are 100% sure all of your data is on the new Exchange/O365 server platform.